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Upgradeing a 2002 lincoln TC stretch to street/strip

Richard in Australia
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Posted: 04/30/17 06:35 PM

Hi and prior thanks for any help given. am turning my 2002 Lincoln towncar stretch 8 seat. into a strip/strip hot rod. Knowledge on 4.6 is very limited in Australia as not used in any cars here. Have found a 96 4.6 stroked to 5.0 running 450 hp and capable of niro.... any obvious problems fitting this in car ? thanks from australia  

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Just Try It1
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Posted: 06/03/17 12:02 PM

there are lots of articles in the magazines that cover this.

so many ways to go.

click the menu above left..

by the way... please inspect your fuel filter installation..  there should be metal clips retaining the fuel hose connections that go over the fuel hose ends.. sort of a U shaped clip. pain to get off.. pain to get on.. vitally important.. so the flex the stretch goes thru in normal drives does not cause the fuel filter to become disconnected.  spraying gasoline all over the  hot exhaust.  

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