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Buying a modified 1965 Mustang in California - Advice please!

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Posted: 11/26/17 11:09 AM

Hi, I’m new to your forum and wanted to say hello and also ask your advice please.  I’ve just moved from England to Los Angeles and I’m looking to buy a 1965 Ford Mustang that’s had its original engine swapped out for a 1987 302.  The exhaust has also been upgraded accordingly and it has a C4 automatic transmission.

As I’m new to the area and not familiar with CA smog laws, I’d welcome any advice on whether this car is still smog exempt.  I’ve looked around on the internet but I’ve yet to see an answer that covers this information.  

I understand that the car would be smog exempt if in original condition, but is this still the case with a different engine to the original?  If it isn’t exempt, what checks do I need to make to make sure it will pass?  And also what information and certificates/tests must the seller have  in order to sell it to me legally?  

I’m getting the car checked out also with a mechanic service, but would welcome your advice about what to be wary of and what I should look out for.  I don’t want to buy the car only to find out later that it won’t pass CA smog requirements and be left with a hefty bill to make sure it passes.

Many thanks!  

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