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Welcome to the new forums!

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Posted: 01/17/07 01:18 PM

Welcome to our new musclemustangfastfords.com Forums. Please be aware that we're still addressing some issues while working to enable additional functionality that you've been accustomed to. There might be some issues regarding user base information being completely transferred therefore we apologize to some users that will be required to re-register. We appreciate you're dedication and patience through this transition period and hope that we will be able to better service your community needs within our new platform. Please feel free to contact us through this forum for any issues and concerns you might have.

Sincerely - musclemustangfastfords.com  

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Posted: 01/04/08 07:14 PM

i am trying to find the previovs owner and builder of a 69 mustang convertable that was tubed,had california special trim instaled,and a 428 cj it was blue with a white top.i bought it 2 years ago after it was in a accdent and repaired it.i found a picture of my car in the july 1987 fabulous mustang and exotic fords mag.i would like any help anyone could give.thank you  

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Posted: 01/25/09 07:03 AM

Thank you, MM&FF, for adding this venue to, what most of us think, is one of the first, best sources, and an old friend, in our hobby. Hope the sometimes militant nature of us Fox guys isn't misunderstood, we appreciate you guys jumping into the fire, to listen, and add to, and roll with us into this century, even though we might still think parts of the last one was better! We Fox guys are ferociously loyal to our own, and think at least some of the guys on your end of the monitor are the same. You helped make us this way- you helped make us- and hope you remember who was there when you first started, too. We're all in this together! Laugh  

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Posted: 02/20/09 12:02 PM

To all you Ford people out there,and just good old car buffs. I am asking everyone of you to please read this and forward it to everyone you know. I have never, nor intend to start forwarding junk email or texts, but this is important. With all that is going on with the economy and the auto industry it is certain that Ford is going to be in trouble soon.I'm proposing to you all a plan to help Ford out by doing all we can finacially. at the moment i write this Ford shares are at $1.60 each. so it is very easily purchased by almost all you readers out there.Get online, make a call, or go to the local investment company and buy all you can.we owe it to Ford, after all look what they have done for us.most importantly if we do nothing they will either have to recieve goverment money, which we all dont want to happen, since we dont want them telling Ford how to run their business. Or they will have to make major cuts, like no more mustangs, which means no more Shelbys. Even though i know i will never be able to own a Shelby at least i can dream of it, as long as they are being assembled. So please buy a share of Ford today. Shocked  

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Posted: 07/12/10 04:15 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum.I am new here and finding the forum really very good and knowledgeable.  
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Posted: 04/09/12 03:29 AM

Hi guys just signed up here nice to meet you all and happy to be the part of this forum.  
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Posted: 04/19/12 01:02 AM

The past two generations of the Ford Mustang have had retro styling, hearkening to classic Mustangs from the 1960s. However, Ford has announced that the next generation Mustang will drop the retro appointments.

The next Mustang is supposed to debut in April 2014 on the 50th anniversary of the debut of the original model, according to Inside Line. Ford wants to be able to attract younger buyers. Though muscle cars are typically the province of younger people, it is felt that the current Mustang, with its retro-styling that recalls the classic Mustangs, appeals more to older people. The average age of a Mustang buyer these days is older than 50. Article source: Ford Mustang will not have retro styling in next generation  

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