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I Rented one!

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Posted: 03/03/07 11:30 AM

All I can say is WOW! What a car! I have a 69 coupe that i did a restomod to and the new car blows it away! The ride, power, handling. I love this car! I did figure out how to diable the traction control and it made it 100% more fun. My car had a little over 10k on it and had 0 problems. I would never get tired of that car. We went to Pheonix to the NHRA drags and all I wated to do was drive the Shelby. Cant wait till the auction and see if maybe i can get one!  

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Posted: 11/13/07 05:19 PM

I just bought one about a month ago, no disappoinments,it handles great,feels like a true road racer  

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Posted: 01/04/08 04:50 PM

Lucky. I'm waiting to see the new SHELBY KR. Not only does it look sweet but its gonna be the new Knight Rider. Should be fun.  
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