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x pipe and mufflers on 06 saleen

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Posted: 01/10/08 04:12 PM

i was looking to put an x pipe on my 06 saleen and a set of 44 flowmaster mufflers and i was just wondering if anyone has changed their exhaust and what they did about running it out of the back in the center like it comes. did you cut and weld or does someone make something to fit after market mufflers you can put on with out having to cut the one that came with the car up  

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Posted: 04/21/12 03:12 PM

Have someone weld the centre exhaust tips if you are going to use after market mufflers.  

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Posted: 04/22/12 01:38 PM

oneqwkstang is correct

take it to a muffler shop..If they screw it up they will have to make good for it...If you have never tackled a job like that leave it to the pros you can trust..Find out if they can do the job you want before you leave with them...That's one very expensive exhaust on your car!


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