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drum to disc brakes for cheap

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Posted: 02/25/08 08:31 PM

i recently came accross a 66 mustang coupe with a 302. engine probably came out of a junkyard out in the middle of no where but ran before i tore it apart so i figured its a good platform to start on. anyways, my question is, the front suspension is worn out completely. drum brakes are a thing of the past for a reason and im wanting to convert to discs for as cheap as possible (college=broke). I was wandering if there is a newer model mustang (80's+) that i can pull out of a junk yard and bolt up (A arms, spindles, ect.) to it and it actually work correctly. if that is not possible, is there a close or equal alternative?  

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Posted: 03/03/09 10:40 AM

Disks on the Cheap
The cheapest solution for me was the Ford Granada 10.5" or 11" option I purchased a set complete with spindles for $100. I would imagine you can find them cheaper now. The pads are under $15, from any parts chain online.
These are all very long lasting, but heavy cast iron parts.

Keep your spindles from the Drum Brakes! However if you need the money I may buy them from you, with the hubs.

Another option: Converting your '66 FB to 2001 Cobra/Bullitt brakes which are 13" so you need the adapters for the calipers, the rotors are soo cheap for drilled and slotted ones on E- at $100 PR. Calipers are $295 a pair loaded, (with pads) and brand new for Ford units in Red.
However, you will need the 17" rims, (yes they fit) to go with the brakes, however they are also  Shocked cheap and the tires are very cheap. Or $67 to $81 ea (225/45/17 even 255/40/17 in the rear) if you don't mind no name low profile tires. ( run these on my BMW street cars, no noise no wear issues no flats no vibrations.  
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