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Accelerator Sticking?

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Posted: 03/15/14 05:13 AM

thank you Karl...

do you happen to have a scan tool.. so you can set it up with just the key ON.. engine off..  to record the live data stream... set in manual record mode..

start the engine...  if it revs like you describe.. PUSH THE RECORD BUTTON..

and then shut down.. drag the scan tool to the computer and download the data stream snapshot.. then paste it here..

so i can review it with the info that i have..

i hope you get this Karl..

do you happen to live in the los angeles area.. where i can either come by and examine your car..  or i can have a former ford tech i know to examine it..

lets look at the data stream

Obd2scandatachart Zps65411833

i really want to see the entire list but..


i want to pay close attention to..

CKP engine rpm
Calculated load value
throttle actuator control
battery voltage

Obd2scandatachart2 Zps6e93e7de

time elapsed since engine start.
software calibration number
software verification
i don't need the vin . please don't post it..  

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Posts: 65
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Posted: 03/15/14 05:35 AM

Icon QuoteKarl Kuehner:
I have read these posts, and the stories are very disturbing. I see a lot of people recommending replacing the gas pedal assembly. This was the first thing I did...and still had issues. The last time it happened to me I was in Park and I was just starting the car when it went full throttle and red lined. Since the car was in Park I was able to get down and look at the Gas Pedal. The Pedal was not stuck to the floor, and had slack. I'm not sure of the mechanics, but the last time Ford looked at this they changed the Throttle Body. Maybe third time is a charm...but at this point my Mustang is sitting in the garage until it is fixed.

again.. Karl... thank you for this info..

i prefer to change inexpensive parts first without first hand diagnosis..

this is probably going to take a ford engineer or a ford master tech to solve this issue..

you can also if your car does this on command..

contact people like AAA.. or the consumer reports.. many independent research agencies would love to get some data from a car that is actually in failure mode..

the worst part is these forums are going to swap to the mustang 360 and all this will be gone..  i am also over on the automotive dot com forums..  those as far as i know are not scheduled to be changed yet..  but i am not in the loop there.  i kinda answer questions almost by myself there also.. there are some transmission guys...

there are a lot of guys over at the motortrend dot com forums..  but i rarely visit there as they mostly deal with newer cars and buying and selling as far as i know..

i am currently with just a single vehicle.. my previous cars that just left my ownership had been in my care for 31 years and 43 years.   the older car i was in and listening to the radio when the beattles broke up..  

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