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The bird!

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Posted: 06/18/08 03:54 PM

Here's my problem. I have an 07 mustang gt, which is black. It is by far the nicest looking of the mustangs I've owned, but I am having the hardest time keeping up the appearance of it's paint. Biggest problem is the birds! I try my best to keep it covered when I can, but like today, I had to drive it to work, so it sat in the parking lot of my job. I came out to get in it, and saw two small spots, one on each side of the hood. I washed it off as soon as I could, but much to my dismay, they left an unsightly stain like mark. I tried clay baring, I tried polish. I would have tried scratch remover, but I have nothing but bad experiences with that stuff. Is there anything anyone knows of, or any method of removing this type of spot? I have some experience in paint finish, and polishing, but am no expert. Help would be much appreciated! Confused  

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