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05 GT Idle Hunt -or- Phantom Idle

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Posted: 09/08/08 11:24 AM

I know that the fox bodies were really bad about phantom idles, but my 05 is doing it as well. It seems to get worse when I turn my A/C on, but it is apparent whenever I push my clutch in to come to a stop. Today, I was coming out of 3rd gear and pushed the clutch in and my car died all together.

Do the 05's have big problems with this like the fox body cars? Or, is there a quick solution for my problem?

I wish it would read a code for me, but my check engine light never comes on.

The only thing that I have changed is a K&N filter about 15k miles ago...could this be it? Confused


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Posted: 07/19/13 06:41 PM

I also have a 2005 GT that had some low idle issues as well as various electronic ' glitches' & it ended up being water leaks at the cowl/door areas and water got into the Smart Junction Box and corroded it. The dealer replaced it as well as re-sealing the leaking areas and is fine.  

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