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My 07 GT Saleen Speedlab Mustang 10.73 @ 128 mph 14 mile 1.58 60ft

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Posted: 12/02/08 05:58 PM

If anyone has a chance, please check out my www.HotRodHarrys.com website and on there is my Saleen Supercharged 2007 Mustang GT with stock motor/heads/cams/5speed automatic trans/convertor/suspension and full weight.
I think one of the fastest stock motored/stock trans and convertor new stangs to get into the 10's pretty far. I even run with the stock front sway bar hooked up and all belts on the motor. Just as I drive her to the track. Still gets 22 mpg also. Thanks Ford for an awesome Mustang! And thanks MMFF for helping us along the way to modding our Fords and making us spend more money than we have for all the parts suppliers teasing us in your magazine!! LOL!!  
07 Mustang GT Automatic
Saleen SC 13 lbs boost.
10.73 @ 128mph 1.58 60ft.
Stock Motor/Trans/Convertor/Suspension
Tuned by www.TeamJDM.com

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