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lifter noise after build.

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Posted: 06/14/09 11:47 PM

okay, just got done w/ my engine build. I have 2 probs.

1)     I made the mistake of not soaking my lifters and now i have a fair amound of lifter noise. so far ive let the engine get up to op temp and then i have pressurized the oil system tryin to bleed the air out of the lifters and then run it again. ive done that once so far, and seems like the noise is a little less but not much. So should i just keep tryin this and seeing if it will work? or is there another way? im just running reg 5w-20 right now for break in.

2)     when i start the car it will not idle now. the car now has ported heads, intake and larger cams, and im guessing its affecting the idle. I don't think i have a vacuum leak. what do you think?  

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Posted: 03/12/11 06:55 AM

Why dont you consult a good mechanic.he can tell you the right thing.

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