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disgraced by a vette

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Posted: 09/15/09 01:35 PM

i have a 2009 shelby 500.  i raced my buddy's 07 corvette....and lost!!!  we did a first gear 40 punch, (in both our power bands)and he was pulling away from me by high second.  my shelby is bone stock and his vette has an exhaust kit.  sitting in my garage, i have a jlt cold air kit, whipple 160mm mono blade throttle body, sct tuner, 373 gears, a 2.6 metco pulley, and a jba 3" cat back system.  with all these mods and a tune...will i stomp the hell out of him?  to put it bluntly...i was shocked that i lost with atleast 60 more rwhp than his 400 rwhp.  i am aware that his vette is about 800 lbs lighter than my shelby.  

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Posted: 10/10/09 07:26 PM

From my experience, it's pretty hard to beat a stock C6 Corvette with a relatively stock Shelby 500.  Even the Rousch 427 doesn't get into the 12s in stock form and the C6 Corvette will easily run 12:6 in the quarter.  Unless you were up against a Z06 Vette that makes 505 HP, the C6 makes only 435 HP. I beat a Shelby this summer at the Memphis Motorsport dragstrip with my 2008 Bullitt.  I turned 13:6 and the Shelby ran 13:4 but I beat him at the light.  I had a C5 Vette that ran 12:2s at about 118 and it had a bunch of bolt ons as you propose. I suggest DOT street drag radials since most Shelbys really lose out in traction.  

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