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what injectors to choose? and other questions about my fox...

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Posted: 12/16/09 01:03 AM

Hello all,
Well here is my dilemma. I have a 92 fox, 302 short block, built gt-40p heads, e-303 cam, edelbrock performer intake with 70 or 75mm throttle body and spacer, I have adjustable regulator, it has a 2500 stall in front of a built aod with new 373s and upper and lower control arms, Lakewood 50/50, and frame connectors also has full exhaust, x-pipe with super 44 flow masters (little too much detail but I couldn’t resist). When I was putting this car together for some reason I bought 30 lbs injectors with matching mass air flow sensor. Turned out this was too much fuel for the car, for now I am putting the stock 19 lbs injectors back in as well as mass airflow sensor. But my question is which injector size should I use? And do chips for these cars really help? I have had quite a few foxes and have never decided to put a chip in them, never figured it would really help. And one more thing, how much horsepower do you think I have in my old fox?  Maybe an estimated 1/8 mile time? The reason I haven’t ran it yet is because I am deployed in Iraq and while I was over here I sent money back home to get my father to finish it up for me. shouldn’t have any problems hooking with its setup and a good set of dot drag radials.

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Posted: 02/09/10 03:44 PM

W/ the setup you have, you need to go w/ 24lb injectors.  I have those on my GT w/ more work done and they run excellent.

I wouldn't do a chip unless you put a supercharger or turbo on your car.  

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Posted: 02/16/10 10:08 PM

the stock 19lb injectors can handle right around 350 horse and you're definitely under that. i'd say you'd be lucky to see 250ish  at the flywheel. the explorer heads (gt40p) you have are glorified cobra heads that only outflow the original gt40 heads by a minimal amount. . the e cam is one step up from the stock cam. with the little added airflow capabilities over the 93 cobra which was rated at 235 at crank theres no way you can be much more than that with a performer intake which is about the same as the tubular gt40 intake.  

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