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Searching for Performance Shop in NJ

New User
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Joined: 10/09
Posted: 01/27/10 10:33 AM

Shopping around for a performance shop in NJ to install 3.73 gears and heat exchanger other then JDM. I was thinking of Big Daddy Performance or Joe Heck Racing any suggestions and experiences? THANKS  
04-110 S281 SC

90mm MAF
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Mosaleen Idler Pulley System
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Magnaflow X-Pipes w/ Hi Flow Cats
12% Overdrive Crank Pulley (6 rib)
05 GT Fuel Pump
JDM Dyno Tune


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Steve Baur
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Joined: 01/07
Posted: 02/03/10 10:16 AM

Big Daddy does good work. If i may ask, why don't you want to go to JDM? You didn't say what year car you have and i know Jim only works on the newer vehicles.  

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New User
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Posted: 02/04/10 08:39 AM

Go to joe heck racing great guys he just put a saleen supercharger in my car and long tube headers great job  
2005 mustang gt     super charged

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