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Another Awesome Find By the MM&FF Team!!!!!!

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Posted: 03/05/10 02:07 PM

This is my personal experience with a new product for the GT500 that was in MM&FF.

I just got back from the track after Purchasing & Installing the latest cooling products for the my GT500 that I saw advertised in the "News Stand" only issue and I saw it again in the new products section. They were the new VTSRacing (www.VTSRacing.com) Stage-3 GT500 Intercooler (under the blower), Stage-3 Heat Exchanger (with Spal Fans) & their Heat Shield Gaskets with Thermal Heat Wrap for the bottom of the intake belly pan.  I was previously running the new larger AFCO unit with the fans.  After messing around with the cooling system for 6 months, due to the fact that I was loosing 135hp due to heat soak after my first pass at the track!  I was getting beat by Mustang GT's and Porches every time which is way less than what is acceptable for a $50,000 sports car to say the least!

After installing and testing these at the track and the dyno I was able to actually up my boost level, eliminate the timing retard and get back my 135hp that I was loosing all while having a consistent IAT2 that was only 5 degrees above the Track Temperature! Woot! Laugh Under street conditions my IAT2's went down from 165*F down to 85*F, Keep in mind I do not drive this beast easy either!

So in a nut shell, KILLER find by the MM&FF team!  If it was not for your "New Products" section I would have never known about it and I would still be driving a freaking PIG instead of a, Now, Awesome STANG!

Thanks again,

Gaston, GA  

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Steve Baur
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Posted: 03/08/10 09:04 AM

Thanks Jimmy,

We're looking at doing a full-blown tech article on it in an upcoming issue.


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Posted: 02/17/11 09:40 AM

Jimmy, what year is your Shelby? I'm guessing 2010?



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