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306 Budget Turbo Build

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Posted: 04/05/10 05:22 PM

Hey guys have a few questions for you  Confused

Right now I'm a college student and living at home trying to build a brutal street beast for the weekends, so I don't have much money to throw around. I have a 302 roller block at the machine shop with plans of taking it 0.030" over next week. Now the questions...

Current laundry list of parts to go on it-

-gt40 Iron heads off of a 96' Ford explorer
-gt40 upper and lower intake, also off the 96' Explorer
-70mm MAF
-BBK shorty headers
-Under-drive pulleys

*Shooting for 450-500rwp*

1) I'm going for an affordable turbo build, either a 65mm or 70mm turbo. After talking with the machine shop owner he suggested an 8.0:1 compression ratio. Since I'll be running gt40 heads (64cc chambers?) which dish pistons should I run?

2) Which injectors would be best? I've read 36lb. and 42lb but for a daily driver, which would be best?

3) Already working on a 190 or 255 fuel pump, will an FPR be necessary? If so, what do I set it at?

4) What cam do I run on it? I've been reading up on overlap with turbo's so I wasn't sure what to run? Perhaps a b-303 or e-303, or go f-303?

I plan on doing all the plumbing myself and rigging up an intercooler myself also, custom fab work keeps me busy

Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks guys!  Laugh  

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Steve Baur
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Posted: 04/30/10 11:33 AM

I would stick with the stock 9:1 compression ratio, no lower than 8.5 for sure. The higher compression ratio will provide good throttle response.

You can make that power with the stock cam if you want, otherwise go with the E303 or F303 for a budget option.

Get some 42 lb/hr injectors.

With a similar combo, i made 440rwhp with just 12 psi of boost.



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