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Posted: 06/19/10 07:56 AM

I have been looking into modern suspension upgrades for my 68' over the last few years and have yet to see a NO B.S. track based data comparison of the available suspensions. I know that funding and what the drivers want out of the car usually narrow down the plethora of aftermarket options so: What I'm looking for is a suspension to make an FE into a respectable road race / autocross machine. (Yeah, I know that FE and "handling on rails" seem to be a rare pairing but the COOL SCALE there is off the charts.)
Does anyone know where I can find actual track testing data to compare the options? From what I've seen the TCP Rear Pushrod Coilover system combined with Fatman's Performance Suspension Module seem to be the best fit for my application (plus frame connectors, roll cage, etc...) but I have no test results or articles to put more than a qualitative review on these parts. I would also appreciate any insights or tips on this from those familiar with BBF applications.  

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