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GT500 Clutch problems

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Posted: 05/11/10 06:48 PM

I recently purchased a new 2009 Shelby GT500. I love this car except for the clutch engagement chatter. During takeoff from a dead start, the clutch chatters and causes the driveshaft to shudder (creating noise) very similar to when a clutch has been overheated and damaged and (or) needs replacement. It has done this since it was new, I brought it back to the dealer the following day who explained that it was normal, but that I should bring it into the service department to be sure, which I did. They had one of their techs come out to talk to me and explained that it uses a dual disk clutch and that it was normal for a Shelby. He further printed a Ford service bulletin for me that confirmed what he said. I said all of this to say I don’t like it, and apparently others felt the same, because the new GT500’s use a different clutch that is much smoother as stated by several Mustang enthusiast magazines. I don’t race the car or dog it; it’s just my daily driver which I use in traffic everyday to get to work. Can anything be done about this? Shouldn’t Ford accept responsibility for this? Somebody help me because Ford won’t. Mad  

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