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Drag Racing my 07 GT 500

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Posted: 09/15/10 01:56 PM

Was looking to write Evan Smith about my car but ended up here so maybe he or you all can help me out. I have been struggling with the performance of my car since its new. I did all the basics, cold air,pulley,upper and lower steeda control arms, chip, Drag Radials (BFG'S 285-35-18)and mufflers. I did all this in the fall of 07 and struggled to get the car below 12.2. Consistancy was all over the map and my 60' time were all above 2.0. We launched at 2500-3000 and still had to feather the power to avoid tire spin.
I've since added an aluminum drive shaft, Ford Racing shifter, and pulley tensioner.  My times are still in the low 12's with multiple drivers.
My last changes include the break kit from JMS which allows me to run 15' wheels. While doing the break kit I put 3.73 gears in with a new gear case cover.  I  also purchased Mickey Thompson slicks 28x9x15, tubes, and Summit 15' wheels.  
This put us at 11.67 with a 60 ft time of 1.70. Subsequent runs are at high 11's due to heat soak. When the car is cold it flies.  I will be tring a new program from steeda because my origional program is four years old and my dyno numbers are only 513 RWHP. Steeda thinks the new program will be much better. Ill let you know.
My new problem is the car  starts drifting in third gear. I started with 15# of air in the slicks and went to 18 and then 20 but it's scary.  I am running factory front tires. There is tons of traction now.  Launching at 4500-5000 with no spin! Anyone have any thoughts about my new issue?  Confused  

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Posted: 10/03/10 09:02 AM

I wish I had your kind of troubles at least you have made it to the strip! It was a year of problems for me. I F-ed up my bottom end early in the year ended up ordering a 363 ci stroker from fordstrokers.com. The Dart 4 bolt main block wont give me any more problems.I had to wait 2 months for them to build it. I had to modify the motor mounts,and raise the engine up 1/4" to allow the holes in mounts/block to line back up.The added webbing on the block  wouldnt allow me to attach the mounts I had.The stock oil pan was hitting the mains so I couldnt use it either. It was a pia to find one to work.Finally got it all together and now having issues with the TCI tranny she wont shift from 2 to 3. I hope to run at least mid 11s once I get all the f-in problems worked out. She is a 1976 blown/stroked Cobra II. I've had her since new (34yrs now), if I could ever figure out how to post pics I would. Good luck on your problem  

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