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I need to get rid of the PEE smell

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Posted: 08/03/06 08:16 PM

I know this may be an unusual question, but does anyone know how to get the mouse pee smell out of a car? I bought a 65 Coupe that was in a Michigan barn for 25 years and it has the strong smell of rodent pee. I have taken the seats out and Lysoled, Febreezed and cleaned it the best I could but the smell is still there. I only picked up the car as an investment so I don't want to soak a ton of money getting this cured but I was hoping someone may have run across this before. Any ideas??
Thanks a bunch!


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Posted: 08/04/06 06:22 AM

About the only real way to get it out is to replace the upholstery and while that's being done, steam clean the floor while also replacing the carpet.  That funk is probably in the foam and that's why the cleaners can't get to it.  Thankfully the cost of a new interior isn't too much and might be something to do anyway since it was supposed to be an investment.   

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Posted: 12/09/06 02:42 PM

Since this is my business I can tell you absolutely how to solve your problem!

Look in the yellow pages for carpet cleaners, and find one that has an Ozone Generator. If it is installed in your car and runs for 24 hours there will be nothing but the most fresh air you have ever breathed! It completely eliminate the odors of ant thing including a dead body decontamination! It will get rid of mold, mildew, feces, urine, dead body odor and any other bad odor that exists.

I do this all day long. do it!


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