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Leather seat skins for 1996 Cobra...

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Posted: 10/08/06 08:31 AM

Hi guys, looking to replace my leather seat skins with original style leather on my 1996 Cobra convertible.  This car is completely stock, and I wish to keep it that way.  Car only has 35,000 but the sun damage is beginning to show on the seats more than I like.   I haven't found anywhere but Ford so far, and was wondering if there was some other place out there that has this product.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

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Posted: 12/17/07 12:16 AM

Katzkin might be able to help you.  I know they make leathers for the GT, they might make them for the cobra as well.  
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Posted: 05/29/09 11:11 PM

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Steve Baur
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Posted: 05/03/10 12:54 PM

Check out Late Model Restoration and Roadwire.


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