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what grit of sandpaper?

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Posted: 12/04/10 07:13 PM

ok this may sound kind of dumb but im trying to save money and do some little body work myself. i have some little rust on the frame not very deep rust, but i have a really bad amount in my spare tire well. its pretty bad i dont know how. but my question is im just wondering what grit of sand paper i should use to sand it down i know theres got to be a recomended grit so you dont tear your *** up. thanks itd be very appreciated  

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Posted: 12/12/10 03:26 PM

The only correct way to remedy this problem is to sandblast all the rust and should holes present themselves cut out the bad areas and weld new galvanized metal. This is the correct way to do it and the only way it will last for any period of time. Remember rust is like cancer only goes away for a little while unless it is completely removed.  

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