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steering wheel install

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Posted: 01/27/11 10:16 PM

Can anyone tell me what I'm going to need to install an aftermarket steering wheel in a 92 GT? Do I need to install a tilt coloum from a 87-90 car? and if I do that does everything plug in? any help would be appreciated.  

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Posted: 01/28/11 12:07 AM

hmm.... did you check your copy of the ford motor sports catalog..???

did you want to eliminate the AIR BAG in the steering wheel...

there do seem to be a few after market steering wheels.. for the 89 to 93 models..


there are probably a LOT more out there..

you will probably want to check the advertisers in the magazine ... i don't have a copy in front of me right now.. it buried among all the others around my reading area...  

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