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500 rear wheel horsepower 306

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Posted: 08/08/11 08:29 AM

Hey guys, I've been a member on the forum and usually read the forums as opposed to starting topics but I need some help from some of you guys. I just bought a procharged 306 and in the car it's coming out of it made 443 rwhp/436 ft-lbs of torque. I'm shooting for 500 and was wondering what's needed to get it to 500. It's got a ford racing 302 block, forged crank/rods with keith black blower pistons, stock twisted wedge heads, track heat intake, 12 psi p1sc procharger, 65mm tb, 73mm MAF, 7.8:1 compression ratio. Cam is of unknown specs. And this was through bbk shorty headers and a 3550 trans. I was wondering if going with a bigger tb (70mm?) bigger MAF (what would be a good size?) long tubes, electric fans,and upping the boost would get me there? Also, what would be a good way to tune it? The engine was built in 2004 and has a chip that's really rich on the bottum end and this is my DD so I'd like to get the best fuel economy while still reaching my goals.
ps-is this possible on 91 octane being as I live in southern california and that's the best we can get. Thanks for the help guys!  

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Posted: 10/06/11 11:01 PM

The easiest and quickest way to get you there is change the pulley size to up the boost. I bet around 16-18psi and you'll hit 500hp no problem.

Long tube headers would help you down low in the RPM ranges which would help with more responsiveness on the street. You could go with a larger TB and MAF if you wanted, but it's not really necessary with a blower.

The best way to tune the EEC-IV computer is with either a TWEECer or a separate computer program I cant think of, at the moment.  Stay away from chips and those little hand-held tuners unless your totally computer illiterate. But seeing as how you're on this forum, I dont think that's  the case.  

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Posted: 11/24/11 02:04 PM

If your engine has the stock 5.0 block, 500-550 HP is about the maximum limit.
Even then you should consider installing a main stud girdle and windage tray along with a Valley Girdle Pro to help strengthen the block and support the additional power.

To meet your goal you may want to consider a 75MM TB, 85MM Abaco MAF, long tube headers, verify your cam specs and replace if needed, raising your boost to 14 PSI and tune it with the AFM PMS. With those changes I would expect you will be able to easily exceed your goal of 500 HP. Additional mods like electric fans, and water pumps will help to free up even more power.  

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Posted: 01/22/12 01:53 PM

Go with the Tweecer,  and get a wide bann air/ fuel ratio guage if you cant read hego narrow ban, also tweecer can datalog as well on the fly,, you should look into it,  www.tweecer.com  
SIG:   91 5.0  EFI. 5spd  8.8 with 2:73. TWEECER tuner, ect ect.

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Posted: 01/23/12 01:17 AM

93fauxbra welcome aboard.

1.How much boost can the pistons handle?
2. Turn the pulleys faster. Just set the
waste gate accoringly. Then go fast....LOL.

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