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RICHMOND 6 speed in fox

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Posted: 10/20/11 08:08 PM

im wondering if anyone has used the richmond 5 or 6 speed behind a 302 in a fox.and what has to be done to do this.i know i would need a custom driveshaft and would need to make the shifter linkage as it is not a top loader, but is there an adapter out there for this.I was at first thinking about a TKO600 or astro performance A5, but the richmond has much better ratios. it is a close ratio with 1.00 5th and .76 6th. this is a road race/street car with NA power, so it is important that i have evenly spaced gears. the T56-TKO600-A5 wont cut it  

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Posted: 10/20/11 10:29 PM

did you find this 6 page file yet..


you might want to check with the quick time bell housing people also.. or one of the other brands..

i am sure there are articles on it in some of the almost 40 car magazines on this site..

there are also shifters available for it.. i saw them on the google search i did..  

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