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Ammeter gauge install

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Posted: 10/15/11 07:14 PM

i have no idea how to hook up my ammeter gauge the directions are *** its on a 90 5.0 anyone know how?  

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Posted: 10/17/11 05:14 PM

a LOT more info would help.....

and why would anybody want to install an AMP meter if you are talking about an aftermarket unit that hangs under the dash..

Volt meters are far superior for letting you know the amount of voltage available...

and are MUCH easier to hook up...

the one above is under 20 bucks..
the one below just over 100 bucks..

there are these to make you green with envy.. at just over 110 bucks.. .

if you are having problems on your 90LX mustang..

change this alternator pig tail first... install it properly with proper crimp tools...  the connector terminals that connect to the alternator get loose and loose proper contact  causing melted connectors and sometimes electrical fires..  and if yours has not been changed...   change it now..  

Duralast/Pigtail Connector  Price:$10.99  at AZ    Part Number: 232  

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Posted: 10/17/11 05:20 PM

oh.. why go digital with 3 digits..

it allows the amount of charge on the battery... and to carefully monitor the charging system..

basic battery knowledge..

engine off.. turn the headlights on for one minute.. then turn them off..    

12.65 volts is a 100% charge.
12.45 volts is a 75% charge
12.25 volts is a 50% charge..

with the engine running.. you should have,  when the battery is close to  a full charge..

14.1 to 14.8 volts depending on the charging system design voltage..

there are several articles about replacing ford 3G alternators with the 4G alternator style..

there are also a LOT of people.. who have gotten tired of replacing the 3G alternators  and dropped on one of the delco units that can be made to fit.. and have them a ONE wire alternator ..

there is really nothing wrong with the 3G alternators other than the quick connect connector that tends to open with heat build up.. causing more heat to build up...

if you are NOT getting above 14.1 volts while the engine is running..  you have a charging system, wiring issue or loose belt.  

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