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83 Fox brake question

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Posted: 11/09/11 12:04 PM

I just purchased a 1983 GL with the 3.8 and only 38,500 on the odometer. And, it's a one owner car. Down the road (2.5 years) my daughter will begin driving this car, so I have plenty of time to fix it up a ***

I have the OEM front and rear disc brakes from my '04 GT. I have seen the mounting brackets that allow the rear discs from my car to be bolted to the '83. I have found nothing about the front. AND, I don't want to convert to 4 lug. So, my questions are:

1) Can the front calipers off my '04 be bolted onto the spindles of my '83?

2) What will be required to make such a change if they do bolt on (i.e., master cylinder, proportioning valve, lines, hoses, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.  

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Posted: 11/28/11 03:44 AM

Answer to question 1 is NO.  You must convert to a '94+ spindle, with '94/'95 being preferred over '96+, if you want to use a '94+ caliper.  

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