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4.6 DOHC to 4.6 SOHC help

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Posted: 01/10/12 01:11 PM

Just did a quick search of the forum and didn't find anything right off on this bass ackwards swap: I just had a customer limp in a Marauder that he's had a 4.6 SOHC installed in to. The ECM is not happy. Somebody's done this swap before and I wonder if there's a link to a post on this swap. Any help is appreciated!  

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Posted: 01/11/12 06:50 PM

the forums have been slow.. but .. please post the years of the body and computer and which year motor was installed...

there are major differences between some years...

one possible help might be to look at the OBDII Theory & Operation  at motorcraftservice dot com  

The general descriptions  provide an overview of the OBD system used on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles since 1996.

compare the different years of systems..  

i would think that you are going to have problems with the crank and cam position sensors as there may be differences.    the dohc motors use cam phasing..  whats that going to ***

you will also need to find out what was done with the wiring harness.. oh sure they plug in.. but whats different between the two motors..

i am also taking that you have a scan tool so you can look at the live data stream..  see what's out of wack  

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Posted: 01/11/12 11:45 PM

If I could add I worked for Ford. They also have engineering dates, along with safety dates they are usually on a sticker on a door or door jamb. Believe me I could not believe it either. Look in the glove box, but usually on the door areas. My2 cents and that is all......Good Luck....  

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