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84...3.8 superchargeru

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Posted: 03/04/12 08:00 PM

I just got a 84 stang & want to rebuild it as a sleeper.Will the charger off a Thunderbird sport coupe work or should I snatch the whole drive train?????  

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Posted: 03/04/12 10:08 PM

the supercharged 3.8 motor is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEAST than a conventional 3.8 motor..

it has FORGED Zolner pistons..

it has FORGED ford connecting rods..

it has a FORGED steel crank...

it has a different block.. but i don't recall the difference right now..

it uses special heads with different shaped chambers..  i don't know enough to  know if the heads were used on other models..

it uses steel head gaskets..  MLS....   MULTI LAYER STEEL..

the fuel injectors are different also..  as are the drive belt system on the front of the engine..

so.. if you want to install a 3.8SC motor..   you are going to need the WHOLE 9 yards.. including the ECM .. wiring harnesses..

lets see the 84 mustangs came with

1984 Ford Mustang:

Available engines
4 Cylinders A 2.3L 1BL
4 Cylinders W 2.3L FI Turbo
6 Cylinders 3 3.8L TBI
8 Cylinders F 5.0L FI HP
8 Cylinders M 5.0L 4BL HP

i am not trying to talk you out of it..  i just want you to have all the parts to do the swap..
if you don't need them to finish the job..  you can sell them or scrap them later..

are you starting with a 3.8 V6 mustang now..    try to get the SC transmission also..  as its is built to withstand the increased power...  

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Posted: 03/06/12 04:48 PM

Yeah its a 3.8 but I got TOO many thoughts of what to do.4.3 turbo,4.0 Ranger swap  Explorer swap to name a few.  

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