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HELP! Throttle cable for stage 2 supercharged Saleen needed!!

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Posted: 02/15/12 09:20 AM

Good morning all!! I am in desperate need for an 01 stage 2 supercharged Saleen! I have called Saleen...and as my luck would have it...they don't have it nor can get it. I have exhausted all of my options. Please help, if you have one for sell, or know someone with one, please email me at rickeywright@rocketmail.com
Thanks in advance!!!  

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Posted: 02/16/12 08:31 AM

you have a few choices...

remove the cable ...

measure the casing length...  

measure the core length..

take a picture of it...  post it to photobucket..  so the ends can be seen...

there is a company called ATP.. who has a selection of accelerator cables..

pioneer also has accelerator cables..  

there are also companies who create special versions..

measure it.. post the photo of the ends...  try to include the ends of the casings...


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Posted: 07/29/12 12:29 PM

Hey Hows it going? Did you ever get the series ii throttle cable? I just bought a series ii also and cant find a throttle cable. what did you use? Thanks  

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Posted: 07/29/12 02:43 PM

he has only logged in once...  on the day he posted it..

i don't reply to posted emails after getting spammed a few times...

taggstang... can you post images of what is on yours...

length of the casing...

length of the core...

as one cannot tell with an image how long the cable core and the casing is..  

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