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Headers on New 5.0!!!

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Posted: 02/13/12 01:14 PM

Wanted to come on here and share that spending big money on full exhaust has paid off.. I have a 2012 CS and I dropped 4 tenths by adding headers. I have the Thunder catback from Flomaster with Dynotech stainless steal headers with the x-pipe. Sounds great and Im glad I spent the dough cause it was worth it. I was running high 12.6s and brought it down to mid 12.2s. So taking off almost half a second with only 2 passes got me excited. The track had poor conditions due to rain that day. So who knows I might even get lower  Grin I already had the catback on when I was running 12.6s so the drop was from the headers and X-pipe only FYI.  

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Posted: 04/09/12 08:30 PM

That's an awesome improvement, especially since it came with shortys. Did you have to do a tune with the long tubes? Sometimes just adding headers will cause the computer to throw an oxygen sensor code.  Great runs, congrats. I'm a Chevy fan, by the way. Have owned 5 Mustangs, the last an 08 Bullitt.  

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