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302 HO replacing 302

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Posted: 04/26/12 07:03 PM

Not a mustang but going to be a fast ford.

I blew a piston out of my '92 F-150 lariat 4x4,
engine specs
- 302 v8 gas
- Fuel Injected
- 280k

I want to put a 87-95 mustang 302 High Output motor into my truck original transmission, as far as I can tell I should not have a problem aside from new firing order and possible air intake.

Will it mount to the tranny and frame the same as reg motor, or whats the difference in that aspect?

What things will I have to consider/change for this beast of a motor to fit into this pickup?  

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Posted: 04/05/13 10:33 PM

Engine will fit trans possibly need to change flywheel engine mounting is same use truck mounts.  

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Posted: 04/06/13 08:29 AM

yes... it will work... donny. this thread it over a year old..

the difference..

The HO motor has individually fired injectors.. that follow the 5.0HO firing order..

the 92 E150 used batch fired injectors.. either left and right bank.. or staggered... but 4 at a time... not individually...  

this will PROBABLY work with just a change in the spark plug wire positions...

i don't know what the effect of the injectors spraying out of their normal order is going to do with the air fuel mixture on those cylinder..

so the 92 F150 engine harness  and computer will have to be used...

you might want to save the cam out of the 92 F150 for those who read this... if its a roller.. and i think its not..  i think ford went to rollers in 93 in regular 5.0 motors..  if its a roller cam.. its a direct and easy swap..  

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