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Gwinnett County Beat the Heat Car&Bike Show

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Posted: 03/17/12 07:29 PM

Beat the HEAT, Inc. is a national non-profit organization comprised of Police Officers and Firefighters who conduct educational programs using marked emergency vehicle drag cars to gain the interest of the public. Heat Members develop programs and activities to serve their individual communities using the Goals of Beat the Heat, Inc. as a guide.
1. To EDUCATE the young people of our communities about the problems of illegal drug and alcohol use and the horrors of impaired and distracted driving,
2. To ENCOURAGE young people to stay in school and be an achiever in life,
3. To PROMOTE a better UNDERSTANDING between the Police and the communities they serve and,
4. To EDUCATE the general public about the sport of drag racing, and encourage everyone to race on the drag strip NOT IN THE STREET.

The Gwinnett Sheriff Office will Hold a Car & Bike Show at the GWINNETT ARENA on July 15th 2012, From 11am to 4pm. Lots of things going on including a cone course, SWAT, K9 Demo's Dunk a COP and much more.

Find us on face book and also check out our friends at

Please contact Cpl Ozaluk @ Theozman670@gmail.com for more info.

Thank you and stay safe,
Cpl Ozaluk  

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Posted: 04/09/12 03:27 AM

July i have holidays bro I will try to be there.  
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