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need help or opinion on lowering 00 GT

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Posted: 04/28/12 09:32 PM

I want to lower my 00 GT about 1.25-1.5 inches. What do I need to setup the steering? I know I need cc plates. Do I need offset rack bushings and a bumpsteer kit, or just the bumpsteer kit, or the other way around? Any opinions would help out alot, thanks.  

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Posted: 12/13/12 09:31 AM

I have an 02 vert and I used the Eibach lowering kit. It is complete with springs, swaybars and shocks. It lowered my car 1.5 inches and it handles awesome!
I highly recommend the Eibach kit. I did have it installed professionally. I included CC plates and a bumpsteer kit.

Hope this helps!

Good luck  

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