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any info on what i just bought

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Posted: 06/07/12 04:19 PM

hey all....I just bought an 05 roush blackjack stage 3....my question is if in 2005 a stage 3 was supposed to have a supercharger on it. I bought the car off a used car lot but didn't receive any documentation on the build up of the car. Obviously the car lot didn't really know much about the car other than what they can see. I emailed roush directly but got no response from them. I would think it would be fairly easy to get any history on this car because if there were only 100 of them built yearly then there should be a paper trail leading me in the right direction. This is my 1st mustang & I absolutely love the car but would like to know what I have sitting in my driveway. Thanks to anyone that can shed some light on it.  

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