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Calling All 07-09 GT500's

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Posted: 09/03/12 09:38 PM

I'm not seeing any chatter here about the GT500's.  I bought mine in Feb '08. A White w/ Red Stripe Convertible.  It's the best Mustang I've had, hands down.  

The most important mod, the one that came first, was replacing the Goodyear F1's.  I'm told it's a great road tire, after it warms up, but it is a terrible street tire.  Most of my friends spare no time in replacing them with almost any other performance tire.  I installed Nitto 555R Drag Radials.  Traction improved alot.  C & L Cold Air Intake, 2.6" Supercharger Pulley, I haven't Dyno'ed it, but based on other GT500's I know, I'm laying down 550hp at the wheels.  

I've done a bunch of appearance mods, Agent 47 Retro Race Mirrors-Painted, LED Tail Lights, Sequential Tail Light Harnesses, Shelby GT500 Billet Hood Pins, Custom Billet Engraved Wheel caps w/ Red Enamel Inlay, Black 2-Line and 1-Line Pin Stripes on each side of the Red Stripes, Shelby Windshield Banner.  I did all the performance and appearance mods myself.  

Since it is a 'vert, I don't take it to the track, also It's a Pace Car for the 2009 Shelby 427 NASCAR Race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  

I'm not here to brag, just trying to qualify myself so others will come in and play in the sandbox.  I'm interested in dialogue with other owners, exchanging ideas and tips.  I hope we can get something started here, turn this Forum into the Mindspring of ideas that it should be.  Muscle Mustangs is a great mag, let's bring this forum up to par.

Carroll Shelby the Legend - Rest In Peace.


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