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1987 5.0 STANG (Gray/Black 8 PIN CONNECTOR) HELP!!!

New User
Posts: 3
Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/23/12 10:46 AM

I HAVE BEEN LOOKIN FOR A WEEK TO GET A DAMN 87 MUSTANG 5.0 ( GRAY AND BLACK) 8 PIN CONNECTORS and (Green 8 PIN CONNECTOR by the ECU) DIAGRAM. WHY DOES THIS NOT EXSIST ON ANY SITE OR IN ANY BOOK I CAN FIND  Mad  The connectors are the 2 close to the test plug toward the end of the wireharness next to the self tester at the end of the engine harness..

ALL I FIND ARE THE 88-93 DIAGRAMS THAT DO NOT HELP ME FIX MY PROBLEM ;( THERE CONNECTORS ARE BLACK AND BROWN AND I DONT THINK ARE THE SAME WIRING SET UP AS THE 87 MUSTANG 5.0. I NEED THIS BECAUSE I HAVE PUT THE 5.0 ENGINE, EEC HARNESS AND ECU WITH 5 SPEED TRANS IN MY 96 N/A 300ZX. If i dont get a reply soon i may have to do wire by wire testing and hope to get lucky or run new ones to each point. HATE TO because they are already there. I just dont know which is which.  Confused

Txs much : Jeremiah

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Posts: 166
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 10/23/12 11:05 AM

you only need to post once.. and it shows up on the active posts..

well lets take a look around...

is this the 8 pin connector that connects the harness to the engine on the drivers side???

i will be back with more info...

i am taking this is 2 rows of 4...

i generally don't reply to direct email.. as i have gotten to many spams in my email when viruses attack peoples machines..  

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Posts: 166
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 10/23/12 11:47 AM

you will want to download this motorcraft catalog to view the images...

you will want to compare the  rectangular grey connectors..



WPT-678 but more than likely WPT-679

in round connectors..
black version

WPT-172 and WPT-174

in grey

WPT-257 and WPT-737


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