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New Mustang article in Car and Driver

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Posted: 10/28/12 06:55 AM

Just read the article in Car and Driver, including photos/artist renditions, regarding the new Mustang. My first thought was it looks like a Jaguar. My second was, is this car as aftermarket friendly as previous generations, especially the S197. Will this car hurt the future of the thriving Mustang aftermarket/performance parts industry? The engine is the same but in a smaller engine bay. The exterior does not look like it would be economical to customize. Just wondering if Ford realizes that the performance/aftermarket parts industry is why so many Mustangs stay on the road for 20+ years. What are your thoughts?  

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Posted: 04/09/13 05:08 AM

though this is an old post, i hate the idea of what they're doing to Lee Iaccocas' simple little pony car, transformed muscle car. now they're trying to get it more into a sports car category. i personally hate how they are bending arse over backwards to try and please the crowds, kinda like how they are trying to change the pledge of allegiance (if they didnt already) because of non-usa citizens being offended by some of the terms. its our country don't like it get out! same way i feel about the mustang. so if we have to advance the car to keep sales, why not just go out with a bang? 2014 50th birthday discontinue after that last 12months of incredible limited editions with a made to order massive list of custom options? is it a good looking ford? sure it is, is it a good looking mustang? no! at least not in my opinion. call it a falcon, or a comet, puma, something else, but one day not far from now the mustang will be more like that adopted child nobody wants, then a good red-blooded american muscle car. look at the chevelle, the nova, GTO Torino (real ones not holden) certain mopars, heck even some AMC cars that people miss and love, even continue chasing after, because they were discontinued before they were ruined. not to say the 74-78 mustang is a worth while car, but those times were different. it wasn't even a mustang, the emblem was changed, the platform, and the fact they added the "II" to separate it from the mustang, so you knew what was exciting and what was embarrassing. my future "new" car purchase is leaning more on the 2015/16 Focus RS rather then a mustang, (i have an 84 and a 70 fastback) but todays mustang, for the price isn't worth it to me being i have 2 kids. the RS is the only reason i've not left the blue oval yet, because of the subaru having that wrx STI a 4 door AWD turbo car i can enjoy loading the kids up for family travel or a nice little weekend warrior. the mustang would have to do what the charger has done, and there isn't much sense in having a 4 door mustang, that heavy, that low mpg. ok im done rambling.  

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