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1989 fox body 351w swap, over heating

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 09/12
Posted: 09/17/12 08:48 AM

I have an 89 notch, 351w swap converted to carb. Had cooling issues replaced while cooling system. Dual core triple pass radiator, 16" electric fan, 5.0hd water pump, and 161 degree thermostat. Running in the 200s checked the oil, about half quart low, and black no water appears to be in the oil. My next assumption is head gaskets or heads. Any ideas?  

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Posts: 166
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 09/17/12 07:20 PM

please... verify that water pump rotation matches engine rotation... there are both normal and reverse rotation water pumps.. timing covers.. and accessory drives...

does your electric fans have a thermostat and relays to control them.  relays to shorten the power path so the fan motors get the most current for max fan speed..

i know you checked.. but do the fans actually blow in the proper direction..   just a question.. i have found more than a few blowing the wrong way in the last 32 years..
i have even found belt driven fans blowing the wrong way...

the best thing is to also swap in a 192/195 thermostat..  add enough coolant to bring the mix up to 50/50 coolant water. to 70/30 coolant water..  this pushes the boiling point of the coolant with a 13 pound cap well over 255F..

200 is NOT that hot.   245 + is hot with electric cooling fans..

lastly with a triple pass radiator.. does your 16" fan have a shroud that allows it to completely cover the radiator.. so its pulling cooling air through all of it .. not just the square where the fan is...   the triple pass radiator is  moving the coolant back and forth 3 times..  so if the fan is in the middle.. you are only taking a small portion of the heat out of the water...

how is your radiator ducting..  between the opening in the bumper and the front of the radiator so all the RAM air is caught and forced through the radiator..  

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Posts: 94
Joined: 10/11
Posted: 09/17/12 07:48 PM

Wayne has you covered:

I'm going to add one thing. Make sure the electric fans are pulling the air not pushing the air.  

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Posts: 94
Joined: 10/11
Posted: 09/18/12 11:09 PM

You could try a little more jet in the carbaretor. It maybe just a little lean.

Where are you picking up your temperature. If in the cylinder head you will see higher temps. Pickup the temp in the intake, and see what you get. Grin  Cool


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