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please HELP!! clutch cable problems

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Posted: 09/19/12 01:54 PM

hey guys (nd girls) i drive a 2000 gt 5 speed,i was driving the other day and when shifting into third gear at only about 30 miles an hr i heard a weird click noise as i pushed the clutch, which i figured was coming from the quadrant, then when i went to shift into fourth shortly after the clicking noise happened again and then my clutch dropped to the floor. after i pulled over i found a piece of the cable from my side of the firewall lying on the ground all frayed. i went back to ford and ordered a new clutch cable and i replaced the cable. after i replaced it i went to start the car and i put it in first but as i let off the clutch the car never engaged into the gear, so then i took my foot off of the clutch and i noticed that i can shift into every gear without pushing the clutch down and also cannot engage any gear when doing so. im not sure if i could have messed something else up when the cable snapped or if i need to get something to adjust where the cable is holding the fork. only reason why i havent bought anything else is because the only problem i had was with the cable snapping and i bought the oem for my car through ford so i figured once i put it back in the car i would be fine but apparently i was wrong, if anyone has came across this problem or can give me any input whatsoever as to why this is happeneing please please please help me because at this point im going nuts thanks  

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Posted: 09/20/12 08:00 AM

sounds like the quadrant is mis adjusted..

there are about 40 car and truck magazines..  including 4 mustang and ford specific magazines..

the clutch cables and quadrants are covered in several different articles...

here is a link that will let you read the different quadrant articles... not all cover the exact issue..


depending on what is happening .. there may be more things to check..

i am hoping that the clutch cover diaphragm did not get over centered.. and that would cause you major issues...

if the clutch cable was pulled too far...  instead of just releasing the clutch..  it pushes the diaphragm so far that it goes inside out..  this was an issue a long time ago...  i don't know if its going to happen..  your throw out bearing could also have wedged on the sleeve and prevent it from from returning...

read up and reply to this what you find...  

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Posted: 09/21/12 04:39 PM

If you still have the stock quadrant (self adjusting ) try pulling up on the clutch pedal to readjust the cable it may have adjusted all the way when your cable was stretching before it broke  

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