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need help figuring out my problem

New User
Posts: 10
Joined: 09/12
Posted: 10/24/12 04:15 AM

i have an 87 2.3L lx and it has been sitting for a year and i got it running again by cleaning out the intake and replacing th spark plugs. now i am having a problem when i am going down the road it will lose all power and i have to continually down shift to get it to go anywhere and have to rev it up high and that only works for a second. any help or ideas would be helpful on what might be the problem.  

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Posts: 166
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 10/24/12 09:10 AM

first step...

change the fuel filter...

you can .. if you don't inhale...  blow through the old fuel filter with the end aimed into a drain pan to catch the fuel.. see how cogged it is...  test the new filter to see what that flows like..
the new filter comes with clips.. be sure to install them.. and use care not to snap the fittings off the fuel line..   replacement ends are available if disaster happens..

the fuel filter probably looks like this

be sure that you have fresh fuel in the tank.. old fuel will cause issues .. as the solvents that make power have evaporated...

there are a few things you might really find handy to continue the diagnosis...

this is a fully computerized EECIV version.(electronic engine control version 4) .  but there are mechanical issues that can also cause problems.

you will find you will need an EEC4 code reader.. about 35 bucks at most parts stores ..
Actron/OBD I code scanner for Ford 1984-1995 Part Number: CP9015 Category: Scanner  Price: $29.99   with this.. you can run the KOEO and KOER tests ... to access the self diagnostic system...

please post codes you get..  and you will need access either to an electronic form of factory repair manual.. or the HC section of a 1986 ford repair manual that covers the mustang or capri versions...

if you have a hand held vacuum gauge.. you might hook it to the one of the ports with manifold vacuum...  with a TEE so you are not disconnecting any vacuum hose.. just monitoring the manifold vacuum.. bring the Engine rpms up.. as the engine speed increases.. the manifold vacuum should stay stable or increase.. it should NOT decrease ... if you get a decrease in manifold vacuum as you speed up the engine.. with the transmission in park or neutral.. you might have a blocked exhaust.. bad cat.. melted inner exhaust pipe that collapsed..

if you have a fuel injection type fuel pressure tester.. you could monitor the fuel pressure... 38 psi if i recall..  be sure that there is a cap on the test port... either the factory plastic cap.. or pick up a steel tire stem cap...

there are a bunch of things that can cause issues... like i have described..

change the fuel filter first...

run the KOEO and KOER self test codes...

one more thing...   could the transmission be SLIPPING????

did you hook up the cable from the throttle body to the transmission again.. without adjusting the length..

if that cable is mis adjusted.. the transmission will last about 2 blocks before its ruined...

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Posts: 166
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 10/24/12 09:15 AM

google      adjusting ford throttle valve cables..

if you think the transmission is slipping..

and did you check the fluid level... with the engine running.. transmission in park...  

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Posts: 94
Joined: 10/11
Posted: 10/28/12 10:20 PM

Have you changed any of the other fluids. The engine and trans need attention after sitting a year....  

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