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heavy clutch

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Posted: 01/16/13 05:38 PM

new member here and i have a question.
just bought 08 GT/CS i have not driven a 5 speed in years and was wondering is it normal for the clutch pedal to be so hard to press down ?
it has 37 thousand km and runs nice.
another question i have is why do some of these mustangs have a hood scoop and some dont.

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Posted: 01/20/13 06:03 PM

08gtcs welcome aboard.

A couple of things come to mind.

1.Does the pedal feel as if it is binding as you depress it?
  Try this; With the engine off. Push the pedal down slowly. Do you hear or feel anything that you may take as not right, or doesn't feel correct. It shouldn't matter as to which gear your in...

2.Does it grind between gear changes? Whether you are upshifting or downshifting. If not thats a good thing.

3.The 2008 clutch assembly in your Mustang should have a hydraulic assist. Check the reservoir for the correct fluid level. If it's full and you don't see any Hydraulic fluid leaks thats a good thing also.(This should have been the first thing to check).Sorry about that....

4.It could also be someone has changed it over to a fully mechanical clutch assembly.(No Hydraulic Assist). Which is like the good old days. It just gets a little tough on your L/Leg. Holding the clutch in at traffic lights...We just popped the trans in nuetral...

5.If your trans shifts smoothly as you said, does not grind between gears, has No Fluid Leaks, has more holding power. Then I would say you have a good clutch assembly. We all wanted those type clutches back in the day....Good Luck. Grin  Cool


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