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several issues

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Posted: 02/07/13 06:55 AM

need help with a few issues my 93 gt has been having. the car is mostly stock except for the tremec tko, rear gear, and underdrive pulleys. the issues i have been experiencing are the car tends to run hot on days of high humidity or if the temperature is above 85 and since i live in Ga this is an issue. i have installed a new thermostat water pump hoses and radiator on the car. all i can think of next is maybe the head gaskets? the next problem i am having is with the tremec shifting. i will be driving and suddenly will not be able to put the car in 1,3rd, or 5th gear. i bought the transmission newand have less than 10k miles on it.  my final problem is when i "get on" the car it tends to bog down not unlike a car with a carb would do when it has to much fuel and is flooding out. it will hesitate then pick up again and has lost a considerable amount of power since this has began. thank you for any help you can give.


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Posted: 02/07/13 09:22 AM

do you still have the conventional PULLEYS... can you reinstall them.. see if that helps keep the engine cool...

underdrive pulleys are designed for HIGH RPM use..  cool to look at but it may not spin your water pump fast enough to push the coolant around with enough force inside the block and heads...

do you still have a cable operated clutch?? or did it get converted to hydraulic???? if cable operated.. how is the feel at the pedal??? is it fully releasing the clutch.. so you can shift gears...

as for the BOG issues...

do you own one of the EECIV code readers.. or a scan tool to run the KOEO  and KOER self diagnostic tests... if you do.. run them and post codes..

did you install larger flow injectors.. or is your fuel pressure regulator leaking fuel into the vacuum hose???? its not supposed to leak.. but when they fail they can..

when the engine overheats the EEC4 system backs off on the power to prevent engine damage.. so ridding your self of the underdrive pulleys might fix several of the issues...    you could also invest the around 40 bucks in a infrared thermometer..  point it at various parts to see the temp...

coolant temp sensors and pigtails are known to go bad on these... as will the intake air temp sensors..

please also check the system ground connections on both ends of the radiator core support... the one on the drivers side of the core support is the ground connection for the electric cooling fans...  i have found so many that needed cleaning and also had wire strands broken out of the crimp... i ran across one that only had 2 strands out of probably 40 strands left ...  thats not enough wire to run the electric fans...  or the fuel injection system..  

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