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getting aftermarket cams

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Posted: 12/29/12 08:47 AM

i have a 2008 bullitt and are wanting some big cams to hear that aggressive idle and also high hp gains in the higher rps to shead some time off my 1/4 mile. need some recomendations. also looking for a good bargin and what all i would need in supplies and what i would need to do after instalation.  

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Posted: 12/30/12 10:17 PM

A little help. Do you have 2V 3V 4V. Automatic trans,or manual?  Be prepared to spend $1,300 on the Cams alone. There are cams that you don't need to modify the coputer,

You will need valve springs. Then depending on how big a cam you want, you will need to modify, computer, big exhaust, bigger injectors, if an auto. more stall speed, larger throttle body, rear gears.


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Posted: 03/04/13 02:52 PM

there are the Hot-Rod cams they are cheap compared to some other cams. also you won't have to change springs or anythings, and they give around 20 horsepower I believe  

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