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Squeaking noise on start up and idle. Is it flywhell or crankshaft?

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Posted: 03/06/13 03:14 PM

Hey there. First time tackling a mustang issue. Squeaking noise on every start up and while car is in idle (at a stop).  I was thinking to check fan belt or thought perhaps it could be something more complicated like the flywheel or the contact area between the pulley and crankshaft ( not properly lubed ). Would appreciate any thoughts.  

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Posted: 03/07/13 08:27 PM

can you narrow down the year and the engine type...

there are a LOT of things that could be WRONG...

loose fan belts...  improperly routed fan belts.. i ran across a chevy the other day with the belts over the water pump pulley.. on the incorrect crank pulley grooves.. so when i got the belts tight.. it would fight as the crank pulley had different size grooves.. what a weird thing to happen..

i have seen engines with massive crank thrust clearance issues.. when you rev up the engine the crank moves forward like 1/4" .. when you let it return to idle.. the V belts allow the crank to ride straight..

water pumps failing..
alternators failing..
the distributer bushings squeaking because they are dry and about to seize up..
smog pumps failing..

and the weirdest of all.. and this was on 2 different 351C motors.. the oil pump seized do to lack of lube coming down the shaft from the cam gear... it was seized up tight and twisted on the distributer gear. but both owners complained of squeaking noise just before it died..

take off the fan belts as you can start the engine and run it for a minute without the water pump circulating coolant... if the engine is not already HOT..  this will let you know if its front or rear.. .

most autoparts stores sell automotive stethoscopes... you can use them to listen to the different components.. usually under 10 bucks.. .  

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