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1999 Console Swap/Cupholder Issues

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Posted: 03/22/13 10:09 AM

I know I am not the only one with this problem in their 1999-2000 Mustang with the 5-speed; shifting into 2nd or 4th and hitting anything taller than a can of pop in the cup holder.
I bought my car in Florida and drove it home to Michigan over 2 days, and anyone who spends that much time in their car is going to find almost every flaw in it. A couple hours after I started driving home I got dinner in a drive-thru, and put my 16 oz cup in the cupholder. Pulling out onto the road, as I shifted into 2nd  the shifter hit the top of the cup, popping the lid off and getting coca-cola all over the console and carpet. I was furious, how could Ford have such a terrible design? The second (larger) cupholder is useless, the only thing that can fit into there is a mug, but why on earth would you have a cup of coffee or tea in there as you drive, it is a disaster waiting to happen! The only way to safely hold bottle of water/pop and fast food cups is to wedge it between the passenger seat and the center console. I know the console design changed in 2001, with the cup holders farther back.
Would I be able to buy a console from 2001-2004 and just replace mine? Or has anyone come up with their own ideas of holding cups?  

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Posted: 03/22/13 01:04 PM

thats an interesting idea of swapping in a later console..

i have not run across that yet... as most of the ford friends i have are mid 60s thru early 70s models..

you can go to motorcraft dot com  it will take you to the ford parts site.. you can compare some of the parts diagrams and lists to see if the console is swappable..

you might want to give a thought ... or visit a local dismantler..  purchase a console and attempt to install it your self..

some of my friends were actually given some of these cup holders by a third friend..

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i don't need a cup holder.. as i go directly into my veins with dr pepper.

please don't take this wrong..  

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