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Emission Question

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Posted: 03/22/13 11:21 AM

My husband has an 85 Fox Body Mustang and is looking to get new exhaust on it.  He has a 302 that was built for performance.  The exhaust shops around us (Richland, WA) say that it is against the law to put an exhaust system in with out a catalytic converter. He doesn't want one.  Now, I have spent the last 2 hours looking through the RCW's and can not find anything on catalytic converters in cars.  I've looked under exhaust and all I can find is laws on how 'loud' your car can be.  So I'm looking for any information any of you might have regarding this situation.  I'm new to this forum, so go easy on me!   Smirk  

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Posted: 03/22/13 12:37 PM

take the license plates off the car.. put the NHRA member plates on.. (make some on your printer. use clear packaging tape or have them laminated so they are water proof.).  but i take it thats the dry side of washington state..

put the drag slicks on the back and the front runners on the front..

trailer it to the exhaust shop as a DRAG RACE ONLY vehicle.

you can purchase header back exhaust systems online..  that connect to long tube headers.

it is a $10,000  fine to remove emission control equipment..  especially if you are a company..

this is one way to get around. it..

has he looked inside the cats...

after 28 years there is probably not a lot of cat left inside them..  

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Posted: 03/22/13 04:21 PM

I would do what Wayne said. Make it look like a Drag Race car.

The HiFlow Cats today really don't hurt performance, like the old style Cat did.

Or go to a NAPA or Auto-Zone store and have someone look up that year Fox Body and see if there is an exhaust that will fit from an earlier year.

You aren't the only one thats had this problem...

In Mas. Its $10,000 if the owner removes emission controls, and $50,000 if a dealer does it and he could lose his license...  

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Posted: 03/22/13 04:37 PM

Try They have exhaust if your husband can do the work himself. They have catalogs. Brothers also has a catalog. You can even try JC whitney...

Bob aka-pepsi1  

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