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ol' cat engine swap

New User
Posts: 4
Joined: 04/13
Posted: 04/05/13 09:50 PM

I have a 1993 mercury cougar xr7 bostonian with a 3.8l v-6 and aod trans. Now my quandary is as follows; my uncle bought a Chrysler 300c with that damn hemi in it and will not let me live it down that his boat will out run my coupe. So i have a 460ci v-8 sitting in the Shop. Fully rebuilt  bored 030 flat top forged pistons h-beam rods forged crank fully race balanced Also have rebuilt c-6. Now i want to fit that big block in that little car can this be done? Is there a kit availible for this swap? Wat about the rear suspension? I heard it wont take the torque. I have built six of these engines in the past for 4wd broncos and all where monsterously powerful 600+ lbs/ft of torque. Can the body even handle it?  

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Posts: 124
Joined: 03/13
Posted: 04/06/13 08:52 AM

welcome to the forums... donny...

thats going to be a tight fit.. i don't know if its impossible...

can you stick some exhaust on the 460 .. get a width measurement?? then measure between the shock towers of the cougar...

there may be 460 installs in similar TBirds..
i see that there are engine swap oil pans for 460s into mustangs up to 93..

on the rear end issue..  the rear end in yours might be a 7.5.. there are 8.8 versions. but apparently.. there are still half shaft/yoke and drive shaft issues in high powered swaps..  even with the 31 spline setups from later.. i wonder if those cars have been raised and increased the angles on the CV shafts causing issues..

i seem to recall seeing a 9" ford housing to replace the 7.5 or 8.8... but i don't recall where i saw it..

nothing is impossible..

there are a about 40 car mags here many with forum donny..  click on the either my user name or the source interlink media icon at the bottom of the page.  it will open a new page.. then click the oursites link..  it will take you to a list of sites..  

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