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Turbo on a 521

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Posted: 05/19/13 12:21 AM

I have a 700hp+ -  h.p. 521 in a 2800 pound car, about 14:1 with Aluminum CJ heads.  Carbureted .  I want  a turbo set up with700-850 HP . Am I money ahead to start with another short block, maybe even less cubes? Any words of wisdom on either approach and who can give me the best info.?  

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Posted: 06/29/13 05:56 AM

the compression being your only serious issue there, im gonna assume that with 521ci your rotating assembly is built, so probably just dished pistons and drop the compression down, 9:1 is about nominal for a good size turbo, but with the right rods and valves 10.5:1 is very manageable is a stock big block casting. get the right cam, double the fuel pump and put EFI on it, decide on one or two turbos, where they'll fit in an already stretched car, have fun with all the triple plumbing of everything associated with air in and out, and oil, and depending on how overboard you already went on the transmission, but with big cubes and big turbos comes planetary exploding torque, as well as u joint, pinion and diff... also remember the additional weight of all the tubing, intercoolers, turbos, wastegate and release valving and possible computer controls associated with them, wires, wires, wires, and the additional amounts of fuel consumed under full boost...

this is the kind of mad max thinking i just love to see, if you do go through with it post some pics i know i would want to see that  

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