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New Owner Help Appreciated

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Posted: 05/20/13 05:22 PM

I'm in need of some help 1999 ford Mustang 3.8 V6 was having some issues. It seems I need to replace some parts but im not sure whats the correct Mechnical term for them and I was told they could only be ordered on-line.I recently got a new engine put in and they need these things to complete the job. Any help is appreciated.

Here is the EGR Hose that was rusted out that i need replaced.
Img 130520175444 Zpsce3ed0db

This is the water pump line/hose? im not sure im pretty sure I got the terminology wrong  Img 130520175501 2 Zps0f24ef34  

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Posted: 05/20/13 10:46 PM

the upper tube is probably this basic part number at ford..

9D477 EGR Valve to Exhaust Manifold Tube
3.8L not cheep...
listed in this section
1999 Ford Mustang > Emission Control > EGR and Related Components


i am still looking for the lower tube...  i am searching.. well i stared at motorcraft dot com.. that took me to the ford parts site... and i entered the info.. but i cannot spot that tube that i know so well...

the lower image might be this one...

but i think i am wrong. remember these are basic part numbers.. visit the ford dealer parts department for exact complete part number.. they took them off the web site so people could not post complete ones..

8555  Water Pump By-Pass Tube
3.8L; Elbow shaped nipple. Fits into the front of the intake manifold above thermostat housing.

note.. do you see the bleeder screw/bolt in the right side of the lower image.... that has a plastic seal under it.. please replace that seal with a nylon or rubber and steel 1/2" oil drain plug gasket.. those darn things leak just a tiny amount.. and then the engine runs dry and destroys the heads and headgaskets..

the part under the bleeder screw shows up as this.

8A530  Engine Coolant By-Pass Elbow
3.8L ``FROM 11/96''; Includes and uses only 8A574 (8C309 deleted)

there are significant differences between model applications.. for these.. are you sure that these are the correct parts for your application.. as the lower version kinda looks like an aerostar version..  but i could be wrong..

can you take a wire brush.. clean the part.. there are almost always ford part numbers or ford engineering part numbers stamped into it..  on one of the brackets.. on the vertical tube..  

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